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Tasting Excellence With Cool Bites Catering

Posted by Ivetta Babadjanian on Feb 27, 2013 – 11:41:16 AM

LOS ANGELES—Preparing cuisine is no easy task as it requires a certain level of expertise that can only be established from years of experience. Chef Anita Aykazyan has an incredible palate, refined skills and a drive to serve dishes that taste as good as they look.

Chef Anita Aykazyan.


Aykazyan spent several years as a Russian literature professor who merely dreamed of delving in her passion for cooking. It took time and courage for Aykazyan to make her dreams into a reality. She became an apprentice for Chef Miki Zivkovic and worked in three of his restaurants where she learned the techniques required to run her own kitchen.

“I worked for him for three years and learned a lot with him in his restaurants. I am grateful for what he taught me but I wanted to start working on my own,” said Aykazyan.


Cabernet-Sauvignon Gelee Shot.

As a result of her travels to Italy and the south of France, Aykazyan’s cooking began to reflect her diverse knowledge of food and immaculate capabilities. Thus, a business based off of true passion and exquisite taste was born, Cool Bites Catering.

The catering service attends to clients all over the Los Angeles area for various events including, but not limited to, children’s birthdays, bridal showers and corporate parties. Clients have a large and diverse choice of bites and desserts that can be served at their event.

In addition, Aykazyan cooks for sit-down dinners with a fixed dinner menu for a four, five or six-course meal. Dinner menus can be custom-tailored depending on the client’s preferences such as vegetarian and gluten-free options. The dinner experience is accompanied with a waiting staff to ensure that every guest’s impression is nothing but pleasurable.


Quail Egg Nest with Sevruga Caviar.


“We do some prep work in our kitchen but the main cooking takes place in the client’s kitchen for sit-down dinners,” said Aykazyan. “We also meet with the client and take a look at their kitchen prior to the event in order to accommodate all their needs. It will be our service but with the client’s vision involving flower arrangements, china, napkins and various design preferences regarding color and style for the event.”

The key ingredient in Aykazyan’s successful business does not stop at food of impeccable taste as every creation is designed meticulously to appease the eye. Aykazyan projects the joy cooking brings her in each dish, creating an experience no client can forget. Just as the business motto states, “Laughter is brightest, where food is best.”

To book an event or to receive more information, visit or call (310) 993-8883.